Oh Grow Up Ratings

Episode 101 aired September 29, 1999

Two Guys & Girl


Drew Carey

Oh Grow Up

7.5 / 13 / 5.1

7.7 / 13 / 5.1

9.5 / 15 / 7.3

7.6 / 12 / 5.5

Garth Brooks

The West Wing

5.7 / 10 / 2.8

5.5 / 9 / 2.9

9.4 / 15 / 4.5

10.2 / 16 / 5.2


Work with Me

Movie: Breakdown

7.2 / 12 / 2.4

6.8 / 11 / 2.6

7.8 / 12 / 3.1

9.0 / 14 / 4.0

Beverly Hills 90210

Get Real

6.2 / 10 / 4.9

6.2 / 10 / 4.9

4.3 / 7 / 3.1

3.9 / 6 / 2.8

Dawson's Creek


4.4 / 7 / 2.2

4.8 / 8 / 2.6

3.8 / 6 / 2.9

3.8 / 6 / 3.2

7 Days

Star Trek: Voyager

2.6 / 4 / 1.5

2.7 / 4 / 1.6

3.6 / 6 / 2.8

4.1 / 6 / 3.2

overall rating / overall share / 18-49 year-olds rating

September 30, 1999

7.6 / 12 / 5.5.

Oh, numbers, numbers, numbers. This is all about how you look at it. Let's just say I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news (the best news, in fact) is the 5.5 18-49 year-old demographic rating. You can see that we finished first in our time slot. First place. Can't get higher than first place, you know. The bad news is that it's a drop from last week's premiere. We had hoped to get those 18-49 year-old Country Music Award viewers and go up, not down.

The good news is that we did go up in the other two numbers. Our overall rating and share both grew. The bad news is that we still finished third in those numbers. We need to beat CBS when there is no country music programming on it.

The good news is that Drew Carey topped West Wing this week, and by a lot in the 18-49 demo. That's a great sign for the future of the night. The bad news is that our retention dropped to a scary 80% overall and and even scarier 75% in the demo. When Drew does well, we need to come up bigger than that.

The good news is that we're on par with Two Guys and Norm. We certainly hold our own in relation to their numbers. The bad news is that they don't really do all that well. They have received consistently decent numbers, but the whole night could use an infusion.

So how does that all add up? Good news or bad news? I'm afraid the jury is still out.

Industry interpretation...

October 1, 1999

'Creek,' 'Carey' cater to young and old on Wednesday

Teens flocked in droves to the season premiere of Dawson's Creek, but it was the adults who gave ABC the key demographic win on Wednesday night, with The Drew Carey Show posting its best performance in the 18-49 demo in 25 weeks. The comedy was up 15% over last week (18-49) and managed a 13% increase on total viewers.

ABC also nabbed time-slot wins with Two Guys and a Girl, Norm, and the new Oh Grow Up. Overall, NBC was second for the night in 18-49, followed by CBS, Fox, UPN, and the WB.

-- The Hollywood Reporter

'Law' enforces NBC Wednesday win

NBC's Law and Order is laying down the Nielsen law on Wednesdays this fall, but with rookie sked-mate West Wing losing one-fifth of its young-adult voters in its second try, the night's 18-49 race still goes to ABC.

'Guys' surprises Surprise star of the 8pm slot was ABC's soph laffer Two Guys and a Girl, which won the half-hour in homes and adults 18-49. Skein had been written off by prognosticators but is so far more than holding its own as the Alphabet's anchor for the hour. ABC also had good news at 8:30pm as Norm won the slot in homes and demos.

The emerging star of the night is NBC's Law & Order. Law is apparently benefiting from the compatibility of its lead-in The West Wing. While the rookie drama dropped 20% in the 18-49 polls vs. previous-week premiere numbers, it nevertheless won its hour in total viewers, marking NBC's first regular-sked, regular-season triumph in that slot since January 1998.

Wing's second-week Nielsen dip reflects, in part, the off-key previous-hour perf from NBC's Garth Brooks. Viewers rejected Brooks' stab at a rock project, as 18-49 figures plunged 44% below results for the singer's more country-flavored special last year.

ABC's Drew Carey kept ABC first for the night in adults 18-49, but the Alphabet's 9:30 rookie Oh Grow Up held just 74% of its 18-49 lead-in from Drew, well below satisfactory levels.

FOX's struggling rookie Get Real continued to struggle, falling to fifth in its slot as UPN's Star Trek:Voyager gained altitude.

The big numbers earned by Law & Order gave NBC the nightlong win in viewers and a tie for first with ABC in adults 25-54.

--Daily Variety

October 6, 1999

NBC captured the night in homes, thanks to the streaking Law & Order, while Drew Carey kept ABC first in adults 18-49. With a weak Garth Brooks lead-in, NBC's West Wing dropped 20% in adults 18-49 vs. its previous week premiere.

-- Daily Variety

[The Hollywood Reporter made no mention of Wednesday night in its weekly analysis.]

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