GLAAD Awards -- April 15, 2000

Oh Grow Up had one final shot tonight to go out in a blaze of glory, and a flaming blaze of glory at that. The show's sole nomination for any award was up for grabs this evening at the Century Plaza Hotel. We were nominated for Best Sitcom by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The other shows in our category are a Spanish-language show on Telemundo, the canceled FOX show Action, HBO's Sex and the City, and the favorite to take home the prize, NBC's Will & Grace. W&G won last year and this year were running up against two canceled shows, a Mexican show, and a show about four straight women. It didn't feel like the year of the upset.

Forget about winning. Tonight was just a black-tie reunion for the Oh Grow Up gang. In attendance were Steven, Niesha, David and his wife, Alan, Christian, casting director Bonnie Zane, and wardrobe Emmy-winner Luellyn Harper. We ate, we drank, we caroused, we watched the clip of our show when they announced the nominees and we applauded wildly. That was the only Oh Grow Up cheering for the night, though. As expected, Will & Grace won. The GLAAD Award producers had even written a sketch for them to perform during their acceptance speech. Now that's a lock.

And that should wrap up the calendar of Oh Grow Up events. The final moments of the show's life were spent as they always had been: in the shadow of other shows, but having the time of our lives.

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