Episode 110 Shoot

November 9, 1999

This is such a fun show to do. Week in and week out, it's always such a joy. This week we turned in an episode that was not our best, but I think we are reaching a point where we move so smoothly through the scenes and the scenarios and the jokes, that it always comes out to a half-hour of fun with at least a few solid laugh-out-loud jokes sprinkled throughout.

Scenes with Sal were pretty solid this week. He fought with Hunter about me and then I had a little final scene with him. It's not like we had a whole lot of relationship ends to tie up. I think we just wanted to establish that Ford is not just having random sex with people, he really cared about Sal and thought it was a serious relationship. I just don't think ABC wants to explore Ford's gay relationships just yet. And I think it would be better to get to know him a bit more, too. The other issue is that I don't feel like Ford and Suzanne have had enough of a break, at least not that we've seen. And maybe we'll never see anything more between the two of them, but I would guess that ABC wants to explore that more as well.

Norris got some action this week and had a lot of fun stuff to do. I think his and Suzanne's scenes turned out well, too. So given all of that, it seems odd that I had such a problem with the script this week. I guess I felt like the scenes were all pretty solid but that the jokes were becoming predictable. There were lines I just didn't look forward to having to deliver. And I guess they don't ruin a show in small doses, and there's no way to make every line a knock-out, but you still hope for the best possible show. This was a good one not because of any special magic this week, but because I think we established a solid baseline of quality. That's a comforting feeling.

I wish America thought we had this "baseline of quality" too.

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