Episode 110 Table Read

November 3, 1999

Week 10. Back from hiatus. Back to work. Back to wondering if the show is going to be picked up for a full season. What are they waiting for? Of course, it seems so obvious to us that they've got a hit show on their hands. They just have to give us a full shot. And that full shot is a full season, dammit.

Meanwhile, on Stage 23, we continue to do our part, trying to put together as funny a TV show as possible. Last episode's tag had the very suggestive Ford/Sal morning-after moment. That could have been a relationship springboard for the boys, but this week's episode says otherwise. Sal & Ford are going their separate ways. And I guess when Ford dumps you, you really get dumped. Even Sal & Hunter are going their separate ways. This is Ed Marinaro's swan song.

Rehearsing the show today was fun. There seemed to be a lot of group scenes, or at least a lot of time when we were all together on the set. Everyone was in a good mood, we were fresh from hiatus, the show is funny, and the ratings have been promising, even though they haven't resulted in an order for the elusive Back Nine yet. But for whatever reason, it was a very fun day and a nice place to be. It reminded me how lucky I am to have this job and to be able to do this for a living. C'mon, ABC, let me keep doing it.

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