Episode 8 Shoot

October 19, 1999

Tonight's episode was very dramatic. The writers were all huddled around the monitors. No one was sure how it was going to turn out. And then late in the evening, we finally saw the finished product: Atlanta had beaten the Mets in extra innings, thereby eliminating the need for a Game 7 opposite the show tomorrow night. God bless the Mets and I am sorry to see them go, but I became a big Braves fan for most of the night.

Oh yeah, the show. This episode is the middle of the Hunter/Chloe dramatic arc. So Suzanne, Norris, and Ford were left to their own devices. The result was a series of funny situations, mostly unfolding at Ford's expense. That gave me occasional funny things to do, but not a whole lot of great stuff. I've had bigger episodes before. These days I'm just sitting tight, trying to be funny whenever they give me a moment or two.

And at the end of the day, it's still the greatest job on the planet.

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