Episode 8 Table Read

October 13, 1999

Last week, Ford didn't do much. This week, I think he does less. Hunter and Chloe are smack dab in the middle of a three-episode arc, so they have the meat and potatoes these days. Last week my role was to hang out with them and say witty things now and then. This week I am spending my time with Suzanne and Norris. The three of us have a cute, little B-storyline, as the two of them bond. Again, the show is going for the delicate balance between wacky comedy and poignant drama.

Right now, the show has some funny ideas in it. The specifics could all use some punching up, though. (Standard situation on a Wednesday, I know.) Or maybe it's my fault. I sort of felt I wasn't quite getting it in rehearsal today. It was like I could picture it funny, but then I couldn't execute it funny. Those doubts may be warranted or they may just be my insecurities with trying to do big, broad stuff. It is fun to be back with Rena and David. I barely saw them at all last week. When is that big getaway camping episode where we all get to do scenes together the whole show?

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