ABC Star Shoot -- August 8, 1999

You'd think we had done enough. After umpteen pictures and promos, one might be tempted to think that we had done just about everything in our power to promote the show. Apparently, not yet. Today was an ABC-wide event. Every show had to get new or improved black-and-white photos. They are a big part of ABC's advertising campaign, which includes but is not limited to black letters on a yellow background plus a series of photos that create a 'flip book' of sorts. They are shown over credits and before the show and before cutting to commercials. And now we have our very own set of them.

We shot some simple set-ups, just groups of Oh Grow Upers milling about in front of a blank wall. Then we had a little high concept, the gang playing poker, the gang having a barbecue (hmmm, sounds familiar), the gang drawing on a big chalkboard. The tone on these shoots is always a mix of enjoyment, embarrassment, befuddlement, exhaustion, and just plain goofiness. It seems like we've taken so may rolls of pictures in the last month. We've got to be photo-ready after today.

In the afternoon, the three boys shot their "Behind the Comedy" spots. These are being done for every comedy, as I understand it, and it's supposed to be a candid (comic) look behind the scenes with the actors from each show. They wrote little bits for each of us. They were originally intended as monologues but all three of us just hung out in each one, interjecting bits here and there in each other's monologues. I think they turned out kind of funny. At this point, though, it's hard to tell. Aren't we supposed to make a TV show some time soon?

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