Callback report--

Weeks have gone by and the role of Paul Palmer still remains uncast. So now what?

Ducey to the rescue.

Nothing beats coming to the rescue. You don't have to be as good, for one thing. You get extra points just for being the rescuer. Plus, there is often a deadline involved. In this case, the deadline is next Tuesday, when they are scheduled to have a table read and begin production.

So I went back in today to work with the producers on the three audition scenes, but mostly the third scene. This third scene has stuck out like a sore thumb from the beginning. At the original audition, I didn't even perform it. The most notes before the first round of testing were about the third scene. And I think, at the end of the day, it is the scene I just don't have a good feel for. I can push through it, but I am very far from mastering it. I don't know if mastering it is even possible without the other actors in the scene, so I just need to convince them that I have the potential to master it.

I think I did that today. We worked for an hour and fifteen minutes, spending most of the time on the third scene. They gave a lot of notes, mostly good ones, and I ran it four or five times. I think to get this job, I had to show that I could go to different levels with the scene, instead of keeping the same tone throughout, as I did last time I faced the network brass. Most of their notes were hints or nudges in that direction. Try this here, try that there. It was fun.

Monday is the big day, so I have a weekend to sit on it. Then back into the frying pan. Will the positive work session vibes last for the next 72 hours? C'mon baby...

Next step: Network Test #2.

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