Callback report--

I left the work session on the Disney lot and went to my car, where I set about actually learning the lines to the third scene. It may seem to the casual observer that this is a touch on the late side for learning lines, but I had not prepared the scene for the audition last week, and today I only semi-prepared them for the work session, hoping it would really be a "work" session and I could get some direction before locking it all into the vault. And, I would say, mission accomplished. I had about 40 minutes to spare before heading across Riverside Drive to the ABC Building, just enough time to put some finishing touches on the scene.

There were only two of us left standing at this point. Miguel and I were the only two people in the entire city who were qualified to audition for Paul on this level. Or so one would think. It's nice to have your odds be 50/50 just based on numbers. We sat in the 9th floor waiting area doing just that -- waiting.

Eventually, the writers and director walked in. The crowd began to gather. Casting people, development people, executive people. They loaded into the small theater, the same small theater that held the Dexter Prep tests from last week. Ahh... the memories. Anyway, Miguel went first. I went second. I hit all of the beats I wanted to, it felt good. They laughed.

I still have a lot of people in the ABC/Touchstone world that like me, even though they never seem to cast me. The usual excuse is that I had a great audition, but I am not right for the part. At long last, that is not true. The role is well-suited to me and would be a great fit.

Next step: Network Test.

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