Audition report--

Happy New Year! I returned to Los Angeles today just in time to take another swing at Frasier. And this is not your typical Room Service Waiter who drops off the cart and leaves. This guy has a few little scenes with the big boys, Frasier and Niles, not to mention Lilith. There's some potential here.

They were willing to reschedule my appointment since I was flying over Southern Utah when my original appointment time passed. And Jeff, as usual, was very helpful and willing to work on the scenes as we did them. So, yes, there are nice people in this town after all. Also received a bit of advice from Mr. Greenberg: He advised me NOT to wear my little tux shirt and bow tie if I get called back. He feels it suggests an overeagerness to get the part, or in his words, small part fever. He added, "I'm not saying they wouldn't give you the part because you wore a costume, but I would hate to have that be the case." Yeah, me too.

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