Audition report--

Yes, it is a pilot, but no I am not reading for one of the regular roles, so it is really more of an "episodic audition." Jeff Greenberg and the executive producers from Frasier are putting together a little show about an Italian-American opera singer who loses his voice. I was reading for two possible roles. One was as the CUSTOMER who meets the lead at his family's winery and humbly asks for an autograph. The other was as the DRIVER who picks him up from the airport and takes him to said winery. First stop, Jeff Greenberg's office.

The driver only has three lines, so we didn't go through those scenes at all. We just ran the Customer scene and Jeff's only direction was to keep it very real. Fine. That went well. It ends with Jeff's character saying something slightly unusual and my character just looking at him funny, but instead of doing just that, I added the legendary Frasier moment and said, "Ohh-kay." Jeff liked it and gave the go-ahead to try it with the big boys in a half-hour.

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