Las Vegas

[Loading Dock]

Video Poker Royal Flush!!

with the Dickshots...



Back row: Kathy Turney, Ellen Ducey, Papa, Me, ???
Front row: Mystery Woman, Julie Dickshot, Anne Ducey

Back row: Bobby Besch, John Ducey
Front row: Julie Besch, John Dickshot

with friends...

[Sarah Kirk at the Loading Dock]

[Doug Ciocca at The Mirage]

Sarah Kirk and Dukie at the Loading Dock

Doug Ciocca at the Mirage

[The kids in the Hard Rock Pool]

Kellie Waymire, Rachel Reenstra, Jeff Colt

Mag on a roll...

[Mag at work]


Man vs. Gravity


[Screamin' thru the sky]

Amanda, Me & Anita on the World's Largest Skycoaster

Dukie's Best Friend


Cody (R.I.P.)

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