Audition report--

Bruce Newberg may not be the highest profile casting director in town. He may not cast the blockbusters. He may not even cast films that reach the theaters. But gosh dang darn it, he certainly tries to find room for me in his projects, whether they are B-movies or D-movies, or in this case, T-and-A movies.

The "Untitled Beach Movie" would have to fall into the necessary first steps in a young actor's career. I have my low-budget horror film under my belt. Now maybe it's time for the frat-boy party movie. The role would be a lead one, Bernie, best bud of the main character. The problem, though, is that I'm not quite the Bernie type. They're both laid-back surfers. I'm neither. And the preppie aura might be too hard to overcome. But, hey, I'm an actor, right? Or so I say.

The audition was fine. Nothing magical. I don't think I'm going to be the next King of the Beach any time soon. No big goof-ups, though, and between Bruce and a Harvard-educated director, maybe I have an outside chance.

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